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  • I know first-hand that what Andre Butler has so powerfully laid out in God's Future For You works. What a blessing of the Lord to have these truths placed in a simple day-to-day format that anyone with a Bible and a heart's desire to prosper and be in health can follow. Have faith in God! Start today. Jesus is our future, and our future is bright. Jesus is Lord!
    Kenneth Copeland, director, Kenneth Copeland Ministries
  • I have known Andre Butler since he was a young boy and have watched him grow up into a fine minister of the Gospel. I got to know him personally a little more while he attended Rhema Bible Training Center and participated as a player for the Rhema Eagles, our collegiate basketball team. You will be encouraged about the good things that God has for you as you read God's Future for You. I know that it will be a help to all who read it.
    Kenneth W. Hagin, president, Kenneth Hagin Ministries and Rhema Bible Training Center
  • Pastor Andre Butler's book, God's Future for You, is a powerful resource that is designed to set you on the path to your destiny. Many times we end up on detours that take us away from God's will and delay our progress. However God's Future for You contains valuable insights that will help reveal God's vision for your life and propel you toward the future He has prepared for you. In this transforming book, you will receive the keys you need to fulfill God's unique purpose and will for your life.
    Creflo Dollar, author, Winning in Troubled Times
  • Andre Butler encourages you to embrace the special plans that God has for you and follow His path to a life of peace and fulfillment. God's Future for You shows how the decisions you make, the company you keep, the joy you express, and the impact you make on the world are all part of His dream for you. Jesus came to give you a choice and by following His way you can experience the amazing future He has specially designed for you.
    Pastor Matthew Barnett, co-founder, Dream Center, and author of The Cause Within You
  • God's Future For You is a must-read for the next generation to give them hope for their future. Our youth today need to understand that God has a brilliant master plan for their life in spite of the turmoil they see around the world. Andre Butler has allowed God to use him to inspire all who read this book to choose and experience abundant life for the rest of their lives!
    CeCeWinans, Recording Artist
  • I love the ministry of Pastor Andre Butler because he has a heart for people and he's relevant. My ministry is also about empowering and inspiring people. Pastor Andre's book, God's Future for You, does just that! Take it from me, once you realize how bright your future is, you'll never look back. I encourage you to take this challenge to see how amazing your life can be!
    Vickie Winans, recording Artist, songwriter, producer, and CEO of Viviane, Inc
  • One who ponders these pages will be refreshed and changed. This is a delightfully readable and altogether profitable discussion of success in the believer's life: how to get there and continue to learn and grow. It's ideal for personal or group interaction.
    Lynne Hammond, pastor and author of The Master Is Calling
  • Many views concerning life are passed around today to ease the pain that humanity is suffering. Seldom do we stop long enough to understand and comprehend God's view. Pastor Andre Butler has proven himself as a disciple of the Lord with determination and character to push beyond the religious ideas that captivate the church world at large and actually comprehend the bigness of God's heart to experience a relationship with Him. You will be refreshed and gain insight into the relationship that God has planned for you. Get ready to experience fulfillment!
    Jim Hockaday, minister and author of Until I Come
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God's Future for You

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